A brief history of 70's Mod Revival band The Scene.

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How it all began

The Scene started life in October 1978. The original idea was to perform just one gig at The Royal Standard, a pub on Manningham Lane in Bradford, supporting another Bradford mod band, The Drive.

Phill Harding came up with the initial idea and enlisted Ian James to play bass. Ian brought in guitarist Dave Green, and Phill asked his brother, Ian, if he'd be the front man, then George Mazur joined as the drummer.

A set list was quickly drawn up including mainly covers of songs from bands like The Who, The Rolling Stones and The Beatles. A few soul classics were added and a couple of original songs were written. The band started rehearsing and preparing for that one gig which was booked for late November 1978.

That first gig went down well with the audience and it gave the band confidence to continue. They rehearsed some more and then set about arranging a few more gigs.

Here is an early video of The Scene. This video was recorded in the church hall where the band rehearsed, just before that first gig in 1978.

To be continued...